For two individuals to be friends some parameters must be fulfilled. The desire of what is best for each other, sympathy on difficult situations. Honesty is expected by both parties, especially when it comes at admitting one’s own faults and pointing out the other’s faults.

Trust is a big parameter to form a friendship; to build trust is a long way process. Trust provides the environment to express feelings, without the fear of being judged and the ability to turn to each other when in difficulties for emotional support. Reciprocity, mutual understanding and compassion, one should give back equal amounts of what he takes.

Friendship and the emotions, the safety one feels around his friends are very beneficial for his health. Loneliness and the lack of social and emotional supporters are linked with the increased risk of heart disease, viral infections, cancer and bad things in general. Friendship has been characterized as a behavioral vaccine that fortifies mental and physical health. It has never been proved though that this link is a cause-effect relationship meaning that a good friendship improves health. Good friends that want each others best (that’s why they’re good), encourage each other into living more healthy lifestyles and seek help when needed. Friends also enhance one’s ability to cope with various diseases, illnesses and psychological problem. That means, if you feel like going crazy, just tell your buddy, admit your problems or your secrets, before the breakdown comes.

In almost every culture it is not allowed to hit on your friends’ wives or girlfriends; you know when your girlfriend calls you and says that the grandfather of her best friend died and she needs to provide her consolation; but who’s going to console you now that you took that Viagra pills? Certainly not your buddies’ wives, so look elsewhere, don’t hit on them you crazy immoral guy. 

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