The nice guy’s mistake is that instead of being strong emotionally giving the direction and the good example the weak female should follow, he gets ‘converted’ and lost into the emotions that female has. This might be considered as empathy, but in fact it is wrong if the situation is a crisis that needs a man and an emotional supporter to handle it.

The nice guys listen to the girl, to the problem and then they go dive in it to pose as sympathetic. If she is upset, they’ll be upset, if she is anxious for getting to the next level sexually, then they get anxious also instead if taking the matter in their hands and proceed. If you cannot do this for various, try a Viagra drugs to get that anxiety inexperience off the picture.

The other extreme condition of a guy is that of acting or truly being as a jerk. The jerks have no problem in setting a direction and holding it. Their problem is that they do not care about sensitivity, how hard they will step over a girl’s heart to keep that direction they have set. So they end up with attracting much damaged women or damaging their girls very much. That awful guy, in order to win he has to make others lose.

If you manage to make a female feel listened to and led, recognized and guided then you have her under your charm.

It is the courage and self-acceptance to step into the world and try new ways of thinking and acting, risking, taking a step outside the society to see how it functions and expel from his conditioning, reject those that do not suit one. People are afraid of taking risks under the fear of making mistakes and become embarrassed. 

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